Carl has had a stimulating career in education where he has taught in both the state and private sectors and in secondary, further and higher education. He keeps fit with the Malvern Joggers and has trekked to Everest Base Camp, scrambled up Mont Blanc and backpacked in India, Bhutan and Thailand. His love of the outdoors has shaped and developed his passion for walking and culminated in the first Pictorial Guide in 2010. To access my Facebook page click here

Author Carl Flint holding his first walking guide to the Malvern Hills
The Malvern Walks Story A combination of factors some etched in my psyche came together following praise from my tutor whilst undertaking a senior management leadership programme. She said she was looking forward to reading my next essay. Inspired by this praise concerning my writing skills resulted in a trip to my local Waterstones to check out what books had been written about the Malverns. I was staggered to find that there was just one which covered walks in the Malvern Hills and quite frankly the illustrations were pretty poor. I knew I could do better! Given my love of the outdoors, jogging, local history and hidden away in my memory the Wainwright books at my parents house all those years ago underpinned my new aspiration. My soon to be written books were going to be modelled on Alfred Wainwright’s legacy. Pocket sized, hand drawn black and white illustrations with a hand writing style font (Bradley Hand). The joyful task commenced. Walking, researching and writing. I decided to approach a number of publishers who specialised in local history and walking guides and sent off the first walk. Surprisingly they all responded, but with a ‘thanks but we are not planning to cover the Malverns’, or some other reason. Undeterred I looked at self-publishing. This is what happened and what a journey that was  –more to come–