I can provide guided walks in and around the Malverns and similarly in Ledbury. The walks are packed with local history and are in general based upon those described in the Pictorial Guide series. As with the books each walk is packed full of information about the great and the good, the local landmarks are described and the walk is underpinned by the wonderful scenery. From my experience of leading walks they tend to fit into three categories:

Short.  A couple of hours maximum. Typically these tend to be my summer evening walks.

Medium. A morning or an afternoon at any time of the year.

Long. Most of the day. Depart say 09.30 break for lunch and back by around 4pm.

I have led walks for a Hen Party, primary school children, international students from the University of Worcester, members of the University of the Third Age, an individual birthday treat, annual get together of friends, journalists, the Women’s Institute and also have been left with the partner for two days whilst hubby went off driving a Morgan about the countryside!  Also a well known holiday company providing adventure holidays. Because of the diversity of each group, the route, speed and distance covered will vary considerably.

Here are some examples of the walks:


  • The Alternative Town Centre Walk Malvern. Approximately half to two thirds of this walk can be covered in a couple of hours.
  • Ledbury Town Centre Heritage Walk. Similarly around half to two thirds of this walk can be covered in a couple of hours.
  • Great Malvern town centre to St Ann’s Well.
  • Great Malvern Railway station to the ‘99 Steps’ and back through the town centre


  • Ledbury to Eastnor Castle circular walk
  • Around Ledbury Town: a brief history of transport in Ledbury
  • British Camp car park to Elgar’s Grave and Little Malvern Priory circular walk
  • Hollybush to Whiteleaved Oak and Raggedstone Hill circular walk


  • The majority of the Beacon Race walk
  • Malvern Link to North Hill returning by St Ann’s Well and Great Malvern
  • West Malvern to Colwall returning via British Camp and the Worcestershire Beacon

With larger groups I often rope in a helper and therefore groups up to 25 folk is quite possible. With younger groups the expectation is that there are ‘responsible’ adults in attendance with a ratio of approximately 1:10 or less if very young. It is important to assume that the English weather can be downright horrible even in summer and therefore protection from the rain and wind is advisable as well as strong and suitable footwear. Finding a source of fresh drinking water on the hills is never much of a problem, however bringing along a small container of water and some light snacks is recommended.

I have public liability insurance and a UK Athletic Licence as a Leader in Running Fitness, however I do not provide first aid treatment.

Risk Assessment 

Walking in and around the Malvern Hills is a pleasurable experience. However, we must not forget that ‘Hills’ is in the same sentence as ‘walking’. This may be an issue for some folk which needs careful consideration. Recent knee and hip operations, asthma, heart conditions, anything which when walking up or down come to that, will cause additional stress to the body has to be considered before undertaking the walk. It is not possible as your walk leader to be leading a walk and also taking someone who finds they cannot manage say the ascent to British Camp, back the easy route. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure all those attempting the walk are fit and well enough to do so. 


In general work on a basis of £25-30 per hour depending on location and time of year. Therefore for a group of 10 on a short walk (circa 2 hours) each member would be looking at paying just £5 for a stimulating physical and intellectual experience. Larger groups (>12) will require additional helpers, therefore additional cost has to be factored in.

What some past groups and individuals have said:

“Thank you very much for our walk on Saurday.  Everyone that came really enjoyed themselves, and we all learnt something new!  Even though a lot of us have lived here for most of our lives!”

“Carl took two groups of our children on a beautiful guided walk along the edge of the Malverns. The route he chose was carefully planned with safety in mind, and offered spectacular views of the Worcestershire countryside as well as many sites of interest. He entertained and informed all of our children from year 3 up to year 6 with his excellent knowledge of the geology of the hills and local history.”

“I spent a fantastic afternoon with Carl on a personal guided walk in and around Great Malvern and the surrounding countryside. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich history of the town and all of it’s hidden gems, before ascending into the Malvern Hills. The views of the surrounding area were certainly stunning and breath-taking. Carl’s in-depth knowledge of the local area made the walk a truly enjoyable and fun experience as we passed many landmarks along the way. Whilst we walked for quite a few miles, Carl also ensured we walked at a pace that suited me and we stopped on plenty of occasions to enjoy the views. We ended the walk back in Malvern and Carl presented me with one of his wonderful guided walk books which still reminds me of a memorable day and inspires me to return again to complete another one of his walks. Thank you Carl”

Malvern Walks blogged from ‘down under’. See Mark Chipperfields walk in the Malverns led by yours truly. I cant think why he mentioned beer! Click here to see the walk in the Malverns

If you are interested in a Guided Walk, please contact Carl via email on info@malvernwalks.co.uk

Outside Malvern Theatre before embarking for a walk in the Malvern Hills

Carl with West Malvern WI